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Dynopro - road test bench for professionals

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DynoPro is a road test bench for measuring power, torque, acceleration and other parameters of passenger cars and other combustion or electric vehicles. The measurements can be carried out on vehicles with any type of drive. No power limitation for the measured vehicle. The test bench is
intended for use in widespread motorsport by professionals.

The key to success for every tuning workshop


A - Protective cover with foam insert.
B - tablet (with DynoPRO application) in a protective case, charger, adapter.
C - Dyno probe - mounted on the vehicle wheel.
D - OBD2 probe - mounted on the vehicle wheel.
E - Accessory kit for attaching the Dyno probes - 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm. Adjusting screw
F - M12 for fastening Dyno probes and M10 screw with spring washer.
G - 8mm, 10mm Allen keys, and 14mm wrenches.

The device is characterized by a compact, compact housing made of aluminum and plastic.
The installation takes about 2 minutes. The device is then ready to measure.
The vehicle weight and tire size are required for the measurement, no tire measurements are required (the program calculates them automatically).
The device has a built-in weather station for measuring temperature and air pressure (-40 ° + 100 °, 300-1100hpa).
Communication with the DYNO probe and the OBD2 probe takes place in the Bluetooth standard.
The Dyno probe has a built-in battery that allows an operating time of around 10 hours.
The OBD2 probe is supplied with power via the OBD2 connector.
In addition to the standard power measurement, the device can be used with additional parameters such as:
Boost pressure, pressure in the injection line, exhaust gas temperature, etc. are recorded and inserted into the diagram in relation to the power or torque diagram.
In addition to power measurement, the software also enables the engine governor to be diagnosed in the EOBD standard (identification of the engine governor and the diagnostic protocol, reading out and deleting DTC errors, measuring actual values).
The measurement results are shown in 3 variants.
Real, DIN70020, SAE J1349.
Repeated failure with the same procedure and conditions below 1%.
The device has no time or quantity restrictions during operation.
Free software updates.
Technical support.
The device warranty is 2 years.

After receipt of payment, the language of the device will be coded for you and will then be sent as soon as possible by DHL or DPD.