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HexProg chip tuning and ECU programming tool MASTER

Regular price €799,00

Hexprog is the professional tool you need to repair, clone and chip tune a wide range of ECUs/TCUs. Hexprog's price is the cheapest compared to other professional tools on the market. It comes with a 30-day free cloning/tuning license and all the adapters you need for your work

Key Features

Master version. One license for all protocols on the dyno and via OBD
Supports one of the largest ecu/tcu lists for cars and trucks for ecu cloning and chip tuning, see Hexprog ecu list
Supports both old and newest ecus /Tcus from Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Marelli, Denso, Temic, TRW and Valeo etc.
Reads all long BMW ISNs from BMW DME and DDE including MD1 and MG1 in F/G series
Supported Online services like IMMO OFF, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, AdBlue etc.

On-site chip tuning/ECU cloning

Hexprog allows you to read and write P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash and External EEPROM with the option of automatic checksum correction. There are many methods available for you in most ECUs:

Factory Mode (On Bench) for most Ecus/Tcus
Tricore Boot Mode for all Tricore ECUs
BDM (Background Debug mode)
JTAG for Renesas and Freescale

OBD chip tuning

Hexprog supports reading/writing map areas (virtual reading is also supported). It includes important functions in some ECUs such as changing VIN, backup/restore of coding and reading/clearing of fault codes
BMW ISN reading

Hexprog allows you to read all long ISNs of read any BMW ECU including the latest Bosch MG1/MD1 ECU from 2005 to date DME/DDE.
IMMO BDM Read/Write

With Hexprog you can immobilizer protection like CAS on BMW, Remove EIZ/EIS from Mercedes Benz, BCM from Volkswagen and Porsche etc.
Built-in Editors

Hexprog allows you to edit many flash data like:

Edit CAS3+ VIN, ISN and Key
Edit CAS4, CAS4+ VIN and ISN
Edit Mileage for BMW Instrument Clusters

Other Functions

You can repair BMW FRM 3 as well as other FRM types in one click
You can reset mileage in protected EEPROMs like M35080, M35160, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ
You can do key reset for many brands like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, Fiat, Renault etc.< br> Read/Write a wide range of SOP8 EEPROMs.

What you get

Hexprog main unit: A powerful multi-function tool, equipped with one of the fastest microcontrollers in the business.
Full working ECU clone/chip tuning license for 30 days. Please refer to FAQ for more details.
Power Module: Used for ECU cloning/tuning function for on-bank and boot mode of various ECUs/Tcus.
OBD Cable: Used for ECU -Chip tuning/ECU repair used by OBD to read/write ECU MAP area.
BDM Cable: A high quality cable made from wires used in aerospace industry.
MPC5XX Module: Used for cloning/tuning ECUs of EDC16XX, MEXX and other ECUs with MPC5XX.
JTAG Module: Used for cloning/tuning ECUs equipped with SH725XX, MPC56XXX.
EEPROM /key reset module: Used to connect keys for reset. Also used with EEPROM for read/write/reset.
Key read/write module: Used for read/write BMW keys (with Autohex II).
Power supply: Special power supply for Hexprog 14V-3A.< /p>

** This product will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer outside the EU